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When to Have and Not to Have Aluminum Doors and Windows

Aluminum Doors and Windows

Window and door investments offer endless possibilities when planning to build a new house, add a sunroom or improve your home’s curb appeal. With so many options, choosing the one that suits your property can be overwhelming.

Aluminium is one of the most popular materials used for varying doors and windows. It is known for its durability, reliability and efficiency. But why should Aussie homeowners choose aluminium for their new doors and windows?

Why Consider Aluminum Doors and Windows

1.    Operability

When you install aluminium windows and doors, they should operate without issues. It should also withstand even the toughest environmental conditions. For example, if you live in coastal areas, your doors and windows should work reliably during rain and strong winds.

2.    Illumination

They say that the windows and doors are like the eyes of your house. They provide natural light to brighten the interior of your home. The best thing about the aluminium door and window encasement is that you can customise them to suit your needs.

If you want full illumination to get through your property, you can only have a full glass door and window with encasements. But if you need less light, you can have your doors and windows designed with several glass sections, each framed in aluminium.

3.    Usability

Aluminium doors are designed not just for front or main doors, they can also be installed in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Unlike other materials, aluminium does not warp, and because they are lightweight, you don’t have to worry about misalignments or swollen doors that scratch your floor. So you can be sure your aluminium doors remain usable and reliable even after 40 years.

4.    Sustainability

With all the fuss about global warming and climate change, many people are leaning towards sustainable concepts. Unlike wood and PVC, aluminium is 100% guaranteed sustainable and recyclable. And when processed for recycling, it uses less energy compared to other materials.

5.    Security

Windows and doors tend to increase a home’s exposure to external elements, and for this reason, it is important to consider selecting components that ensure safety and security.

As technological innovations are boosting, window and door locking systems are also improving. Aluminium offers durability like no other, and it can also be designed with the latest locking systems.

6.    Maintenance

Many homeowners are getting smart about home improvements. They are looking into ease of installation, low upfront cost, and efficiency in the long run.

Unlike PVC, which warps and chips or wood, which swells and rots, aluminium has remained the same. With regular cleaning and maintenance, repair costs also remain minimal or nothing at all.

Aluminum Doors and Windows Offer Minimal Maintenance

In addition to providing vital value to the overall design, these key elements also contribute greatly to the choice of door and window options. The question, however, is, should you go for aluminium doors and windows?

To Have or Not to Have Aluminum Doors and Windows

●      Living in the Coastal Zone

In the olden days, home decorators do not recommend aluminium for buildings in the coastal area because the salty sand, water and air can cause corrosion on the material. However, with the latest innovation in manufacturing aluminium, you don’t have to worry about corrosion and rusting.

The powder coating is applied as a dry, free-flowing powder. This coating technology combines the toughness and durability of powder coating with the lightweight particles of aluminium, making it corrosion-free.

●      High-crime Areas

Generally, aluminium doors come with glass panels, and for this reason, many people living in high-crime areas would rather choose other materials. They believe that glass can easily break, but this is not the case.

The best thing about glass doors and windows with aluminium encasement is that they are typically double-glazed. This provides optimum security, preventing the glass from shattering into pieces during breakage or forced entry.

●      Regions Frequently Visited by Storms

People living in storm-frequented areas have a similar concern. They fear that glass and aluminium can’t withstand the ferociousness of strong winds and typhoons. Aside from this, they also think that aluminium does not provide enough draught-proofing. But these are also myths.

Despite being lightweight, it is durable and can last a lifetime. The double-glazed glass panels are also toughened to endure stormy weather. Aluminium doors and windows are also equipped with weatherstripping, so you can be sure that cold or hot air remains outside your home.

●      Bushfire-prone Places

If you’re living in an area where bushfire seems ordinary, then aluminium doors and windows are the best investments for home improvement. Aluminium is fire-resistant, so you can be sure it won’t burn to ashes in case of fire.

Choose Aluminum Doors and Windows

Wherever you may be, or whatever type of property you have, aluminium doors and windows are guaranteed to contribute significantly to your property’s overall design, functionality and aesthetics.

You don’t have to think twice. Having aluminium doors and windows is surely a worthwhile investment. And if you’re looking for a trustworthy supplier, contact Aussie Aluminium Enterprise today!

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