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Myths About Aluminum Doors And Windows

There are lots of misconceptions behind aluminium doors and windows. It’s time to debunk the biggest myths behind them.

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Commercial aluminium doors are a cheap and lasting investment.

Aluminium has become more commonly used as a material for many household items. Right now, aluminium is very popular as a material for doors and windows. 

They are far away from replacing the typical door and window materials that we typically see. However, if the trend continues, there’s a good chance that more and more people are going to be choosing aluminium doors and windows over other options.

One reason why people aren’t willing to make the change is that they lack knowledge about what these types of doors and windows can actually do. There are also a few myths regarding them that put the material in a bad light. It’s time that we debunk those common misconceptions.

1. Aluminium Doors And Windows Get Excess Condensation

Condensation happens when water droplets start to accumulate on cold surfaces, thus making them wet.

Since aluminium is a metal, it can get cold very quickly which means it’s naturally susceptible to condensation. Condensation can be problematic as it can cause stains and a few other problems for your doors and windows. While it’s true that aluminium still gets condensation, it’s not as much as it used to be.

Today’s aluminium frames have the same thermal insulation as wooden or uPVC frames. As this is the case, there’s no extra condensation that occurs on aluminium frames anymore.

2. They Have No Insulation

When picking a door or a window for your home, you’d of course want one that offers insulation. Aside from regulating the temperatures easier at home, insulation also lets you be more energy-efficient as well.

Aluminium is metal so people think that it offers no form of insulation whatsoever. However, the truth is that aluminium doors and windows are made with thermal breaks built into them. This makes frames made out of aluminium thermally insulated and energy-efficient as well.

3. Metal Expands

Another common worry from people is that metal expands. This is true though. Metals expand under changes in temperature. A good example of this scientific phenomenon can be seen in old railroad joints. Under extreme temperatures, the nails that hold tracks together can expand and will then be loose because of the change in size.

Although a metal, aluminium doesn’t go through drastic changes when exposed to temperature changes. You don’t have to worry about your aluminium frames warping and expanding unless direct heat is nearby.

4. Aluminium Is Not Secure

Most people see aluminium as a flimsy material when used to create frames for doors and windows. As they see it that way, the common misconception is that aluminium doors and windows are also not as secure as other frame materials. This of course, is a big misunderstanding.

Thanks to its durability and structural integrity, aluminium doors and windows are just as secure as any other material out there.

At Aussie Aluminium, we understand that one of the factors that affect your buying decision for doors and windows is security. As such, we create products that can guarantee maximum protection from blunt force, intruders, and other factors that put your life and privacy at risk.

5. It Is Hard To Maintain

It’s frustrating having to clean your doors and windows regularly just to keep them in good shape. People initially think that since it’s a metal, there’s a lot more work that goes into maintaining aluminium doors and windows. This is all a big misunderstanding though.

In fact, these frames are easier to maintain than most.

Aluminium is the only window and door material that isn’t prone to weather damage and corrosion. That means even if the weather gets harsh around your area, you don’t need to worry too much about how well your doors and windows will stand if they’re made of aluminium.

You also don’t need to worry about how to clean this material. Wiping it down with a compatible cleaning agent is more than enough for maintenance. Just make sure to use non-abrasive cleaning materials as they could scratch aluminium.

6. It Isn’t Stylish

When people think of aluminium, they immediately think of materials that look too rustic. However, aluminium doors and windows can be stylish too. They fit modern homes very well but they can also be a good addition to traditional homes too.

Of course, how stylish aluminium doors and windows are is really up to you. What we do know is that our clients are more than satisfied with the flare and style that aluminium adds to their homes.

Aluminium doors and windows can be styled in a lot of different ways and you don’t need to worry about it looking out of place in your home.

If you’re looking to replace your doors and windows, you might want to consider aluminium for a change. The big takeaway from all of these debunked myths is that it’s an amazing material that can greatly improve the way your home is.

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