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Signs That It’s Time For A Window Replacement

When your window is hanging by a hinge or the glass is cracked, it may be time for a new door. Call Aussie Aluminium for the best aluminium and glass windows!

Signs That It's Time For A Window Replacement

Home improvements are essential to keep your home beautiful and functional. One of the important parts of the house that needs maintenance is your windows. Sometimes it’s not easy to know when they need to be repaired or replaced. And most often than not, homeowners put off window repairs and replacement until they’re hanging by a hinge.

While minor issues like paint chipping can be solved by simply repainting them, issues with functionality is a different story. When security, proofing and energy efficiency are becoming compromised, it may be the right time to replace your windows.

But how do you know it’s time for a window replacement?

While many believed that windows should last for about 20 years, you don’t need to wait that long to have a window replacement.

Here are 7 signs that will tell you to replace your windows right away:

1. Is it getting chillier?

When you feel the cool breeze coming from the outside despite closing your windows, it may be time for a new window. Your home is where you should feel warmth and relaxation. It should not cause you to be wary as you go to bed, thereby resulting in sleepless nights. So, your windows should keep the chilly draughts outside.Replacing it with state-of-the-art aluminium windows that don’t warp can improve not just the temperature but also help you sleep worry-free at night. The best thing about it is it promotes energy efficiency inside the house.

2. Do you see moisture issues?

If your window panes are covered with moisture, it outright tells, “you need a window replacement.” Moisture is a sign that window seals are failing, hence, you need to fix or better yet, replace them. It may be best to find high-quality glass windows that remain condensation-free for decades to come.

Windows that do not tightly seal means they have deteriorated and have alignment issues. It is best to replace them to improve their efficiency and promote a clearer connection to your beautiful outdoors.

3. Is your energy bill skyrocketing?

When you’re feeling the chilly draughts inside and you wake up in the morning seeing your windows filled with moisture, expect to see your energy bill consistently getting higher. Now, it’s really time for a new window. Don’t you think so?

One of the most popular windows that offer improved energy consumption are double-hung glass windows. They come in elegant designs while ensuring functionality and keeping your electric bill at bay.

4. Do you feel exhausted when you open your window?

Another sign that says, “replace your windows now,” is when you are having difficulty opening and closing them. When your window has swollen or become heavy because of the previous storm or perhaps the hinges are too rusty, it will surely require a huge amount of force or pressure to slide or swing them.

Remember that windows should close and open with a slight push or pull. If you seem to be performing strenuous activities, replace them now. Choose windows that can eliminate the unnecessary effort of opening and closing them.

5. Are your window frames rotting?

Rotting frames are common to aging wooden windows. This is especially true for bare unpainted windows which are sometimes infested by various bugs and insects. In some cases, homeowners no longer open their windows with rotting frames because they are afraid to break them.

Replacing your windows with glass and aluminium can help prevent swelling and sagging issues when exposed to or soaked in water. You also don’t have to worry that they may come crashing down when you open your windows.

6. Is the outside noise keeping you up?

After a long day in school, your kids deserve some quiet afternoon nap. The thing is, the gap along your window lid is getting wider and it just can’t contain the noise anymore. When this happens, it is indeed saying, “you need a new set of windows now.”Sliding aluminium windows can help eliminate outside noise for more comfortable rest and sleep. By doing so, you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of your windows for many years to come.

7. Is your house losing its curb appeal?

One of the many benefits of having excellent windows is aesthetics. When your windows have become an eyesore, it is the perfect time to let them go and replace them. Choose a window with a more appealing and stylish look that will complement the curb appeal of your house.

Replacing your windows do not just add a refreshing ambience to your home but can also increase its value. So if your old windows give your house an old boring or perhaps scary vibe, don’t hesitate to replace them.

When your windows show any of these 7 signs but your budget is stopping you, choose aluminium and glass windows. You’ll find this investment to be more rewarding and cost-efficient as the years go by.

So if your window says, “replace me,” it is the perfect sign to contact Aussie Aluminium!

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