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The Advantages of 5 Common Window Types

Here is 5 types of windows and their advantages. If you’re unsure which to pick, contact Aussie Aluminium for the best kind to suit your home.

Awning Windows || Aussie Aluminium

Finding the perfect window for your home isn’t just a design choice. You need to keep in mind that certain window types deliver specific advantages for your home. There’s “no perfect window” type as it all boils down to what you need.

Each kind of window has its pros and cons, so it helps to know which part of the house it is for and how you want them to look and be installed.

If you’re struggling to make this choice, here is a list of the common windows that most homeowners are opting for and their advantages.

1. Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are possibly the most popular window type. This window features two large glass panels that can slide up and down vertical tracks. It’s traditional and straightforward, so most homes have this type of window.
A common variation of double-hung windows is the single hung window. The main difference is that single-hung windows operate on one sash, so only one of the panels is operable.

Double-hung Windows || Aussie Aluminium


  • Due to its popularity, your choice of double-hung windows is vast.
  • Double-hung windows are very affordable because of their availability.
  • Easy to close and open, especially when tracks are well-maintained.
  • Since the tracks are designed vertically, dirt and debris don’t accumulate easily.
  • When the tracks and springs are regularly cleaned, you will surely enjoy their benefits for a long time.
  • The window opening can be adjusted to different magnitudes, so you can be in control of how much sunlight, air and other things may pass through it.

2. Sliding Windows

Just like double-hung windows, this type of window works on tracks and springs. The only difference is that the panels move sideways instead of up and down. Sliding windows are commonly seen in classrooms and even office setups as it makes ventilation easier to manage.


  • Sliding windows have a larger space when fully opened which lets the breeze and the sunlight in easily.
  • They are easy and simple to install, hence, more affordable as well.
  • Similarly, you can adjust the window opening of sliding windows.
  • By cleaning the dust, dirt and debris that accumulated in the crevices, you can prevent the window from malfunctioning.

3. Casement Windows

Casement windows operate horizontally through hinges installed on the side, top and bottom of the frame. In casement windows, only one panel moves like a door while the other is stationary. This is more common in modern homes.

Casement Windows || Aussie Aluminium


  • Casement windows are designed to seal the house from draught.
  • They are also more secure compared to other window types. The only way to get through this window is by breaking it which can cause a lot of noise, hence, alerting you and your neighbourhood.
  • The mechanism of the windows allows for direct airflow into your home more effectively.
  • While strong winds may damage the hinges, by choosing the right material and provider, you can be sure of its durability.
  • To ensure that the cranking system on the hinges will last longer, simply maintain and clean it regularly.

4. Awning Windows

Similar to casement windows, this type of window operates on hinges, except that it moves vertically. Awning windows are built for privacy which is why they’re often installed in areas like the bathroom. They provide ventilation and security at the same time.


  • Awning windows have a small opening which makes break-ins difficult.
  • The nature of the opening also makes it harder for people to peek through the windows.
  • As the panels slide out vertically, you can keep awning windows open even during strong rains.
  • You can simply adjust the opening to control the airflow.
  • Just like any other window type, make sure to regularly maintain awning windows to slow down the process of its wear and tear.
Awning Windows || Aussie Aluminium

5. Fixed Windows

As the name states, fixed windows don’t open or close. They are static. These windows are often installed to give people a better view of the outside area.


  • Fixed windows are perfect if you want to highlight a specific view from your room.
  • Best installed in high-rise buildings as it gives people a great view of the skyline minus the risks.
  • Since the windows don’t operate at all, you don’t have to worry about maintaining any tracks or hinges.
  • It is a good choice for rooms that have toddlers and young children since they can’t open the windows.
  • Fixed windows help brighten up the room while enhancing your property’s curb appeal.

Have you found the perfect window for your home?

Once you’ve made your choice, contact Aussie Aluminium and have your window installed in your home ASAP.

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