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10 Benefits of Aluminium Security Screens

The benefits of installing aluminium security screens will not only keep your home free from pests but also increase security. Call Aussie Aluminium today!

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10 Benefits of Aluminium Security Screens

Making sure that your loved ones are safe is always the top priority of many homeowners. What better way to do this than to install aluminium security screens in your home? Whether it’s the front or back door, aluminium security screens are a worthwhile investment.

Aluminium is one of the most widely used metals for many home applications. They are not just functional but appealing, too. Installing aluminium security screens provides many benefits not just for your family but also for your property.

Benefits of Aluminium Security Screens

1. Say Goodbye to Burglaries

One of the main benefits you get from installing aluminium security screens is to increase the level of security from burglaries. Although aluminium is lightweight, it can withstand strong forces exerted against it, so burglars can’t easily break in.

Aluminium screens used for security doors and windows pass anti-blade and impact tests. They also undergo deep welds to ensure protection from targeted and adverse attacks. By installing high-quality aluminium security screens, you are warning burglars that they’ll just waste time forcing their way inside.

2. Maintain Your Privacy

Another significant benefit of installing security screens is maintaining your privacy.

Well, who doesn’t want some occasional peace?

Let’s face it, some neighbours are just nosy and would make themselves busy looking through your open door or window, checking what you’re up to. With a good security screen, you can be sure that you are free from the prying eyes of the outside world.

3. Save on Energy

Next on the list of excellent benefits of aluminium security screens is energy efficiency. The mesh structure of screens provides a consistent flow of fresh air. It also helps regulate the temperature and the flow of air breeze, especially during the summertime.

When the temperature rises, simply open your doors and windows, then let your security screens do the wonders. This helps cool air circulate inside the house, and you don’t have to switch your air conditioning systems on for 24 hours every day.

4. Have a Bug-free Rest

Mosquitoes are one of the many pests people tend to dislike because of their stinging bites. Screens allow optimum ventilation while preventing unwanted pests, insects, and bugs from entering your home.

By installing aluminium security screens, you can be sure that your loved ones are free from mosquito bites and the annoying buzz of insects.

Aluminium screens can prevent bugs from infiltrating your home

5. Offers Strength and Durability

One of the many characteristics of aluminium is durability. It can last for 40 years or even a lifetime. Aluminium screens are lightweight but are manufactured with strength and durability in mind. So, homeowners can be sure that they are properly investing their money in home improvements.

Aluminium is a resilient type of metal that can withstand break-in attempts, strong impacts and even the test of time. They remain in good shape, texture and condition even for the years to come. You will never have to worry about cracking, chipping and warping.

6. Enhances the Property’s Curb Appeal

If you are putting your property up for listing, adding a security feature can help put more value to it. The best thing about aluminium screens is that they are simple yet elegant. The latest innovation in aluminium manufacturing involves using powder coating to ensure a quality finish to aluminium products.

7. Enjoy Lower Insurance Premiums

One of the best advantages of installing aluminium security screens on your property is getting lower insurance premiums. Screens improve your property’s level of security. It then gives the impression that it will be difficult for thieves to get through.

Such security features create a sense of confidence for insurance companies to categorise your property as less risky from burglary and damage to property. You can also enjoy lower insurance premiums when your property is less at risk.

8. Improved Lighting

Security screens are big on energy-saving. Not only will you conserve energy by using less of your air conditioning systems during hot summer days, but you can also save more on electricity bills by turning off your light during the day and letting your aluminium screens shed light inside your home.

The mesh component of the screen allows enough light to pass through. This provides your living area with the perfect brightness that’s not too blinding and not too dim. It’s ideal for an afternoon tea and a good book by the sofa.

9. Helps Keep the Little Ones Safe Inside

Protective screens can also keep your toddlers and pets safe and secure within the four corners of your home. You can focus on cooking lunch and other chores without worrying about your little ones wandering outside for a walk.

10. Stylish and Versatile

Lastly, aluminium security screens can complement any type or design of the property. They come in stylish designs and can blend well with the colour and theme of home and landscape.

These are just 10 of the many excellent benefits of installing security screens in your home. Whether it’s for your doors or windows, aluminium screens are a truly worthwhile investment that adds a level of appeal and security to your property.

Contact Aussie Aluminium to learn more!

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