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How long should aluminium windows last

How long should aluminium windows last? Aluminium is characterised by durability, making it last between 15 to 40 years. Learn more from Aussie Aluminium.

How long should aluminium windows last

Are you thinking of investing in aluminium windows but wondering how long they last?

Windows are essential to every home. They provide lighting and ventilation while protecting you and your loved ones from bugs and rain. If you plan to replace your windows, invest in windows that offer not just affordability and aesthetics but also security and durability.

Aluminium windows offer the best features that do not just look great after renovations but also provide functionality. You will surely love the effect of new aluminium windows on your home. The great thing about aluminium windows is they will fit any design of the property.

How long should aluminium windows last?

One of the many features that you should look for in windows is their durability. Choosing long-lasting and high-quality windows is not just cost-efficient but also a good investment for your property.With proper care and maintenance, the lifespan of aluminium windows can be between 30 to 45 years or even more. Aluminium is characterised as naturally corrosion-resistant and is less likely to weaken and degrade.

What makes aluminium windows more durable than others?

Aluminium windows use powder coating technology. This completely covers the metal framing in polyester colours which protects the frame from harsh external or environmental irritants.

Another feature that makes aluminium windows last longer is their unique thermal break. It offers resistance to expansion, making aluminium perfect for window frames. This also actively reduces the heat transfer from the outside surface, making it ideal for thermal and soundproofing.

One of the best ways to make your aluminium windows more durable is to care for and maintain them properly.

How should you care for aluminium windows?

Caring for your aluminium windows is very straightforward. You simply need the right tools such as a bucket of water, sponge, silicone-based lubricant, soap and microfibre absorbent cloth.

Here are some tips to care for aluminium windows:

Cleaning Upon Installation

Upon installation, your aluminium windows supplier will perform the initial cleaning. They will make sure that no corrosive, solvent or concrete material will be set on the frame. They will also provide some guidelines on how you can make your aluminium windows look their best even years after installation.

General Care

Cleaning aluminium windows is very easy, simply mix some mild detergent and water in a bucket. With a soft sponge, gently soap the aluminium surfaces of your window. Rinse off the soap with a dump soft cloth and dry it off with a microfibre absorbent cloth.

Make sure to avoid using detergent with highly abrasive chemicals.The ideal cleaning cycle for aluminium windows is 3 months. However, if you are living in a coastal area or near an industrial zone, it may be best to increase the frequency to monthly.

Dealing with Mildew

What is mildew?

Mildew is fungi-growth on moisture-prone surfaces or areas. It is typically interchanged with moulds but they differ. Mildew is usually white and powdery or downy while moulds are usually black, green, blue or red spots.

Mildew can cause pitting to your aluminium windows. Once you notice that they are developing, it is best to remove them immediately.

All you need to do is to mix ⅓ cup of mild powder detergent, ⅔ cup trisodium phosphate and 3 litres of water. Using a soft brush, apply the solution to the mildew-affected areas of the window. If you see bubbles forming, it means that your anti-mildew solution is working. Brush the aluminium surface gently and rinse with clear clean water.

When clearing out mildew, make sure to put on some protective gear like a face mask, goggles and gloves as the solution may irritate your eyes, skin and nose.


After cleaning your aluminium windows with water and soap, you may lubricate their moving parts such as the hinges, pivots, hangers, locks and brackets. To do this, apply a light spray of non-corrosive machine oil or silicone-based lubricants on them.

It is highly recommended to apply lubrication every 3 months to ensure optimum window functionality.


After washing and drying your aluminium windows, you may apply an aluminium polish or a car wax for added protection and shine. Remember to check the label for corrosive or abrasive content to prevent any damages to your windows.

As an added tip, make sure to clean the glass panels with glass cleaner and squeegee every month. If you have sprinklers on your lawn, make sure that they are pointed away from your aluminium windows. Lastly, regularly check the tracks and roller assembly of your sliding windows to eliminate dust accumulation.

Now that you know how you can care for your aluminium windows, you are all set to have reliable, cost-efficient and durable investment for your property.

Looking for aluminium windows made to last a lifetime? Contact Aussie Aluminium today!

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